Not a good way to spend my tax dollars

Published 5:34 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

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To the Editor:

After reading the Gates County Index of August 25th 2022, I was very 100% proud how my fellow Gates County citizens stood up for the employees and the sheriff’s office. I wish had the marbles to stand up like that.

However, I wasn’t very happy on how ridiculous the amount of money, like $600k, that was spent on a piece of land. Instead of spending that ridiculous amount of money like that, that money could and should have gone to our first responders like the sheriff’s department and 911 dispatcher’s department.

Not only could that money have been put into more important good use, the money to buy that high price desk that is used at the commissioners’ meetings could have went to other important areas. Why not place three or four long folding tables and use them instead or let the high school students build a desk that would have been less expensive? That’s my opinion on that.

Because of how our employees were treated and how the money was spent, I’m making serious changes on how I’m going to vote this election and the one coming up in the year of 2024. I hope things will improve soon here in the county.

Anthony “Skippy” Felton