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Published 11:35 am Thursday, November 10, 2022

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To The Editor:

The mission of the Gates County Board of Commissioners is to provide leadership and support, and to advocate actions for an effective County Government that seeks to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations of the people of Gates County.

The citizens of Gates County elected the Board of Commissioners to serve to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, the citizens may not fully understand the decisions that are made for the county. They have to trust and respect that the Board of Commissioners and County Manger have planned, researched, and gotten expert help in making decisions that will be beneficial to all the citizens of Gates County.

As the virtual observers as well as those in attendance have noticed, the board chair, Dr. Althea Riddick, conducts the meetings with politeness, kindness, and respect. Members can disagree without becoming disagreeable. Everyone deserves respect. (As children we were taught to respect elders and people in authority.) It’s great to see the Board of Commissioners meetings conducted in a respectful manner.

I’d like to thank the Gates County Board of Commissioners and County Manager for adhering to the Gates County Mission Statement and providing their services to the citizens of Gates County.

Pam Langston