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Published 3:04 pm Friday, May 24, 2024

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Jewel’s wish and keeping up with the Vanderbilts wrap-up

Mr. Shafer’s beginning Theater class wrapped up their class performance of “Jewel’s Wish” for the elementary schools. The students/actors have had the best time preparing for the play and were so excited to perform for the children!

The GCHS Playmakers wrote, performed and directed their original murder mystery, Keeping Up with the Vanderbilts. The play was performed on three nights and had three different endings. Go Barons!

Upcoming Visual Arts events are as follows:

2 (May 21, 22, 23, & 24 at 7 pm; approximate run time 2 hours). This is an original science fiction play written and directed by James Shafer and performed by Theatre Arts 2 classes

All shows are FREE!

We hope to see you there!

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer


New Editor

I am proud to say that Courtney Unger will be the new editor for Baron Beat next year. Courtney is very committed to this column and will be one of the best editors GCHS has ever seen.

I am very confident that Courtney will keep all of you updated on the events going on at the GCHS. She is an exceptional writer and person. I’m very proud of her accomplishments and her creativity.

Courtney is very involved in her community. She is an officer in our NNDCC, she teaches dance at Susan’s Encore Dance Academy in Ahoskie, and she is also very involved with her church. Courtney has much love for her community and everyone in it. She excels at everything she puts her mind to.

I can’t wait to see EDITOR next to Ms. Unger’s name. I’m very proud of you Courtney! GO BARONS!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


Prom 2024

Saturday May 4, 2024, was the Junior/Senior prom.

This year’s theme for prom was “An Evening Under The Stars” and the decor was spectacularly on theme. Tables were decorated with lanterns and candles and there were Starry Night paintings all round the gym. Attendees could take pictures or a boomerang in the photo booth.

The prom court of 2024 are Carson Stallings as prom prince, Shalamar Boyce as prom princess, Calvin Harrell as prom king, and Camryn Piland as prom queen.

Thank you all for coming last Saturday and we hope you enjoyed your night. Congratulations prom court and GO BARONS!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


Mrs. Kittrell’s Earth and Environmental Class Trip

Recently, Mrs. Renee Kittrell’s Earth and Environmental classes took a trip to Merchants Millpond to study and learn more about ecosystems and biomes outside of the class.

“The trip was a great way to start us off with that (learning more about ecosystems and biomes ). We learned how the different plants and animals work together to make Merchants Millpond work and it was honestly just a cool experience overall,” says 9th grader Za’Na Harrell in an interview with us.

Many of the students agreed that it was a great way to learn and be active at the same time. They all had a great time canoeing (although one group tipped their canoe allowing everyone to learn the proper way to right the canoe) and doing air and water quality experiments. Overall, it was a great trip and the students enjoyed it very much.

By Hunter Ambrose and Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writers


GCHS Track

This past Saturday (5/11) at Wilson Prep Academy in Wilson, NC, GCHS’s Track Team placed second in two of the challenges of the regional track meet.

Trey Mizelle placed second in the 400 meter dash, and AJ Hart, Jaybrion Wiggins, KJ Evans, and Trey Mizelle placed second in the men’s 4×100 relay.

This Saturday, (5/18), you can find them at the State Championship in Greensboro, NC.

To our GCHS Track Team, way to go! Have a great time and Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger and Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writers


Farewell to our GCHS Baron Beat Editor

As the school year comes to a close, we say many goodbyes to our graduating seniors, but today we are writing one last farewell to our very own Erin Mathews (The Baron Beat Editor).

Erin is a very ambitious young woman and it has been amazing to watch her grow and mature as she gets older. Erin has been a great friend to so many people.

She is very active in our school’s ROTC Program as well. It has been a blessing to get to know her over the past two years. Erin is a very hard worker, and when she loves, she loves with everything in her.

Erin plans to enlist in the US Navy right after graduation and follow in her father’s footsteps.

Every day we are blessed to be able to call Erin our friend and we wouldn’t trade that friendship for anything. Erin, you have done and will continue to do incredible things in life. You make the people around you proud and happy every day, and we urge you to continue to do that throughout your life. We are so proud of you and we wish you the best for the rest of your life.

We love you, Erin! Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger and Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writers


It’s Electric!

This past Wednesday (5/15), as part of Mrs. Kittrell’s Physical Science class unit “Types of Electricity and Currents”, Mrs. Kittrell showed her class a Van De Graaff Generator. This is a tool that produces static electricity. It transfers electrons around a large metal ball, and when held close enough, to another small metal ball. The transfer allows you to see the passing of these electrons.

We were able to see and feel how this contraption works. We touched the metal ball while Mrs. Kittrell held the wand with the small metal ball against it to “ground” it, allowing you to touch the ball without being shocked. When we touched the ball, our hair rose due to static electricity and we could feel the electrons transferring between the metal ball and ourselves.

It was an amazing experience and we learned a lot about electricity thanks to Mrs. Kittrell.

By Hunter Ambrose and Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writers


An end to the Baron Beat for 2024

As the school year comes to a close, we sadly have to stop writing for Baron Beat during the summer months since we will not be in school to be able to write for you anymore. (Yay! Summer Break!)

It has been a great year with Baron Beat and we are excited to be with you next year! Until then, Go Barons!

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writer