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Published 4:21 pm Friday, April 19, 2024

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Solar Eclipse!

This past Monday (4/9/24), we experienced the height of a solar eclipse at around 3:20. Gates County only observed about 80% of the eclipse.

Before the end of the school day, the administration made an announcement about how to protect your eyes during the eclipse by either not looking at the sun or using other methods to look at the sun. You can use special glasses to view the eclipse or make several different contraptions to view the eclipse. Looking at the eclipse with unprotected eyes can result in burning of the retina and other eye damage.

While the eclipse was very beautiful and we were able to see the magnificence of nature, we advise all to make sure they protect their eyes in the future when another eclipse comes along. Have a great day and Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer


Horticulture field trip

This Wednesday, Mrs. Brinkley’s Horticulture Class will be going to the Chowan Extension Office to take a plant identification test. They have been preparing for this trip for months and we wish them the best on their travels.

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writer


Type 3 Uniforms

This upcoming school year the U.S. Navy has permitted all NJROTC and NNDCC units to receive a new uniform called Type 3’s. Type 3’s are green, digital print uniforms made of nylon and cotton. The cadets are very excited for this new uniform.

“We’ve been waiting so long for these uniforms and when we finally get them we’re graduating,” says many of the senior cadets.

The rising Junior and Seniors are the most excited for these uniforms.

Courtney Unger says, “The rising NS-2 cadets don’t understand the anticipation we have felt for the past TWO years.”

The incoming Freshmen are going to have to wait to receive these new uniforms as they need to earn them.

“Type 3’s are a privilege, not a right,” says Chief Howard when explaining this situation to us. Nevertheless, the cadets and the school are very excited to see cadets in a new uniform. Congratulations NNDCC and Go Barons!!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


John Howard sworn into U.S. Air Force

This past Wednesday, one of GCHS’s senior students John Howard (Chief Howard’s son) performed the Oath of Enlistment to the U.S. Air Force. The process for enlisting is long and hard, but no matter what, John made the process look easy.

We are very proud of John for making this commitment, not only to himself but also to his country. Multiple members of our school’s administration and John’s family attended the ceremony. Chief Howard’s 2nd Hour Class witnessed the event as well and it was a great example of what we work towards in NNDCC.

Although John isn’t part of NNDCC, a lot of cadets feel as though John is their “adopted brother” because he is always there to support our ROTC Cadets.

On behalf of Chief Howard and the rest of GCHS NNDCC, we are so proud of you, John! Remember: Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all you do. We love you John! Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer


Upcoming events

Here’s what’s coming up from Playmakers and the Theatre Arts classes at Gates County High School:

An original murder mystery play written, directed, produced, and performed by the Playmakers on May 9, 10, and 11.

An original science fiction play performed by both Theatre Arts 2 classes on May 21-24.

Jewel’s Wish…an original children’s play about selfishness and love performed by Theatre Arts Beginning class on May 28 & 29.

All shows are FREE and will begin at 7 pm in the GCHS PAC.