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Published 9:40 am Thursday, March 28, 2024

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GCHS Theatre classes prepare for performances!

We are about halfway through the spring semester at GCHS, but things are just beginning for Mr. Shafer’s theatre classes (and the Playmakers Club). His classes have just begun to work on this semester’s performances.

His eager and “chatty” first hour (Beginning Theatre) recently received scripts for their play (written and directed by Mr. Shafer), “Jewel’s Wish”. This is a children’s play directed at audiences of elementary schoolers.

His other two classes will be working on a joint play, written and directed by Mr. Shafer, “2”. This will be a performance that includes both his second and third hour (Intermediate Theatre).

Mr. Shafer said he “wrote the story of the play so that each block works on part of the story, but both parts never intersect (except once at the end with one actor from each block)”.

This performance is great for all ages. Although it is science-fiction, the concept might go over some children’s heads, therefore they direct the play at individuals of the age 10 and/or over.

His Playmakers (GCHS Drama Club) are in the works of writing an original murder mystery (Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?!?), although Mr. Shafer has not given a title for the play, it is bound to be an amazing performance because the writing is all up to the Playmakers! Mr. Shafer’s goal is to let the Playmakers Club be “truly student-led”.

Overall, from the sounds of it, both Shafer and his classes are over the moon excited to perform! Dates for performances are yet to be settled. We are excited to see your passion and love for theatre grow this semester and hope to see you all at our performances! Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer


Reverse perspective with Surrealism

The art students at GCHS had to create a piece of art that represented Surrealism (a style in art and literature in which ideas, images, and objects are combined strangely like in a dream for example). The artwork needed an obvious theme and had to consist of 5 things in perspective.

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writer


New Year, new meet

Starting this track season with a BANG! Our track and field girls won this past week’s meet at Tarboro! Congrats ladies on the win with 39.5 points we never doubted you for a second!

We’re excited to see all of you there again next week. Good luck and GO BARONS!!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


HOSA Leadership Convention

Things are ramping up for the HOSA (Health Occupation Student Association) Club at GCHS as they prepare for the upcoming state convention.

At the convention, 11 HOSA participants are going to compete in different skill sets. They have been preparing for the convention in various ways, such as: studying in books, practicing different skills, and creating different presentations for their various skills based on their chosen enterprises.

This program helps prepare our students who want a future in the healthcare industry by providing hands-on experience, and showing them what they should expect in the health field.

Wish our GCHS HOSA students the best of luck as they go on this journey. Go Barons!

By Hunter Ambrose

and Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writers