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Published 3:50 pm Thursday, March 21, 2024

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Sprouting into the new semester with Mrs. Brinkley’s class

At Gates County High School, Mrs. Brinkley, our agriculture teacher, started planting some seeds with her classes in the raised flower beds and the 4” by 8” flower beds. Her classes have planned out their plants for the whole year. They have planted their winter vegetables outside on campus where all students can observe the food-to-table process.

Her class is starting to plant and transport plants for the FFA Annual Plant Sale. The “Family Fun Day” and beginning of the plant sale starts on April 20. This is our FFA Chapter’s major fundraiser for the year. These funds help support our trips and competitions.

There will be over 15 different varieties of vegetables and plants being sold at this event. Some examples of plants being sold are squash, peppers, eggplant, sweet potato, marigolds, geraniums, tomatoes, etc. However, there will be no winter plants available at the sale.

Our community is encouraged to bring family members and to purchase plants grown by our students in support of our agriculture department. Mark your calendars for April 20. Go Barons!

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Staff


2nd annual AMI

This year, Gates County High School’s NNDCC is having their 2nd annual Area Manager Inspection (AMI). We are now part of the 5th area for AMI and will be inspected by a new area manager, LCDR James R. Landis.

At the start of the inspection, Cadet Senior Chief Nijahe Saunders escorted LCDR Landis around the school to give him a tour. Our area manager then inspected our supply room to check inventory. There was a uniform inspection for each cadet.

At the end of the day the cadets will be able to show off what they have learned throughout the year(s) by performing a pass & review.

Before the pass & review began, LCDR Landis was welcomed by our side boys, Hannah Wiggins, Tashaiya Riddick, Ayden Meier, Cj Helmkamp, Hunter Mathews, and Xaiver Morales. After our area manager was welcomed, our speaker, Isaiah Rodriguez, asked everyone to stand for the presentation of colors. Our color guard consisted of Corey Lassiter, Za’na Harrell, Josh McMillan, and Nicole Derby.

After the presentation of colors an unarmed drill and an armed drill were performed. The cadets performing the armed drill were Ciara White, Cj Helmkamp, Micheal Fairbanks, Ni’jahe Saunders, and Landon Duggar. The cadets who are performing in the unarmed drill were Za’na Harrell, Kaitlyn Boyley, Jayla Porter, Jacarin Roundtree, Dylan Williams, Cameron Bulls, Skylar Brown, Ezera Hathway, Robert Nicholson and Evaly Duggar.

After skills were completed, everyone marched together for a pass & review.

The NNDCC would like to thank the county for the continuing support. Good luck and go Barons!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


AMI Results and Awards

During our Area Manager Inspection, our cadets did a fantastic job of showing off what they learned throughout the years of NNDCC. All of our work paid off this year because our NNDCC passed inspection!! Cadets are ecstatic and parents are proud of the young men and women who take time to work on something they enjoy.

Ciara White and Zamaria Kinsey received the Area 5 award for their hard work toward the unit and to the community. Jayla Porter and Ciara White also received the American Legion Award.

We are thankful for LCDR Landis for coming out and giving us an opportunity to show off our skills. Thank you to the parents, staff, and community members for coming out to support our cadets. We are very thankful for you and your efforts to keep us together.

Thank you again everyone, have a great day and GO BARONS!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


GCHS Recital

Are y’all free for a night “Under The Big Top”?

May 16, 2024, at 7:30 pm our GCHS dance class will perform a recital called “Under The Big Top”. The recital will be performed in the PAC and will be free for everyone.

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Staff