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Published 5:41 pm Friday, March 15, 2024

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GCHS NNDCC gears up for Leadership and Sail Academy!

As the summer approaches, NNDCC Cadets are starting to prepare for Leadership and Sail Academy, where they will learn about citizenship and leadership fundamentals as well as build relationships with fellow ROTC Cadets.

Sail Academy attendees will learn how to sail boats and recover them in the water.

Both Academies are very fun according to past attendees and the future cadets can not wait to attend the camps.

“It was very challenging and humbling, but also an amazing opportunity for our NNDCC Cadets.” quote by Erin Mathews, one of our first cadets from GCHS NNDCC to attend leadership academy.

In order to go, our cadets are required to pass a “Cadet Challenge” where they have to complete a certain amount of pushups and sit ups, as well as completing a mile run in a certain amount of time. Best of luck to this year’s attendees. Go Barons!

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer


Agricultural Mechanics & Tool Identification Competition

On March 20 at GCHS there will be an FFA Competition. It will consist of Tool Identification and Agricultural Mechanics. To be able to participate you will have to be a current FFA member. Only freshmen can participate in Tool Identification.

The teams will be tested on Tool knowledge. The mechanic team will be tested on their hands on skills and problem solving skills and welding T-fillet, outside corner, and butt-bings, etc. They will also be wiring light fixtures controlled by a single pole switch. Both teams will consist of three to four members.

The top three teams in Agricultural Mechanics and Tool Identification will be eligible to advance to the Regional Competition.

By Hunter Ambrose

Baron Beat Writer


Lady Barons Basketball

A tough loss for the Lady Barons on Tuesday March 5, 2024. The Barons put up a tough fight throughout their whole season and made it to the 3rd round of the state playoffs but unfortunately lost to East Columbus. Even though they lost we are so proud of our Lady Barons. We can’t wait to see them again next season!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


Track meet

The first track meet was moved from Wednesday, March 6 to Thursday, March 7. The track team is very excited for the first track meet of the season. Many Freshman and new members are nervous but many upperclassmen have done a good job of keeping everyone’s nerves to a minimum.

Our first track meet is in Edenton at John A. Holmes high school. Good luck and go Barons!!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


Join GCHS NNDCC at Richmond Raceway for NASCAR Race!

Support your local NNDCC on March 29, 2024 at Richmond Raceway for a NASCAR Modified Series Race! They will have the Color Guard presenting the colors at 6:00 PM.

If you would like to purchase tickets, please contact Chief Howard at (252) 357-0720 (Ext.-256.)

By Courtney Unger

Baron Beat Writer