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Published 5:57 pm Thursday, December 14, 2023

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End of the Semester activities

Towards Christmas and the end of the semester, Gates County High School always has events and festivities around the county and school.

This year there will be a Christmas play performed by the members of Playmakers, a Christmas dance by Mrs. Russel’s class; the NNDCC will be participating in the Christmas day parade; and many clubs and classes are participating in putting up lights at Merchants Millpond State Park.

The end of the year is always festive and full of fun activities for the county and the high school to participate in.

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor


Christmas for college students

Christmas break is right around the corner! Many upperclassmen may even be starting their break early and may not have to be back until the start of second semester.

Gates County High School gives upperclassmen an opportunity to dual enroll into a community college if they do well in their classes and may want a challenge. These college courses give students the opportunity to gain college credit or even graduate with an associates degree.

Since College of the Albemarle and Gates County High School do not have the same schedule, semesters never match up. For instance COA’s fall semester starts about two weeks before high school does and ends in sixteen weeks which makes the fall semester end in the beginning of December.

If a dual enrollment student wants to, they can leave school early and have a longer break which can last until the end of January when the second semester of high school starts. However, students also have the option of coming back when their college courses start for spring in the beginning of January. Either way, it is always nice for students to have a longer break.

I am one of those students and I highly encourage students to challenge themselves with college courses to prepare them for their future and make college cheaper since the two years they get in high school are free. Even though the schedules can be a tad confusing for new students in the program, it is worth giving it a try and getting a head start on their futures.

By Kaitlynn Kopin

Baron Beat Staff


NNDCC advancement

This past week, on Wednesday December 6, Gates County High Schools NNDCC had their promotion ceremony.

All first year Cadets advanced to the next rank in ROTC. Many second year students advanced two or three ranks. The third year cadets got a few advancements. But all cadets received many ribbons for helping around the county and the school.

The Gates County Baron Beat is very proud of all the cadets who put themselves out there and volunteered this year. Congratulations Cadets, keep up the good work!

By Erin Mathews

Baron Beat Editor