Learning through the lens

Published 2:49 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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GATESVILLE – Central Middle School will soon be offering a brand new course, “Science of Photography.”

Thanks to a $1,500 donation by the Gates County High School Class of 1988, the photography class will be able to purchase 15 new cameras. These will allow students to explore the art and science of capturing moments through the lens of their imagination.

As an elective course, the Science of Photography class aims to cultivate students’ interest in visual arts while equipping them with valuable skills in digital imaging and storytelling. By engaging in this class, students will not only learn the technical aspects of photography but also develop their artistic abilities and visual literacy. Such skills will enable them to express themselves creatively, think critically, and communicate effectively through the powerful medium of photography.

Arts education plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. It cultivates imagination and enhances self-expression. Exposure to the arts in schools has been proven to improve students’ cognitive skills, emotional well-being, and academic performance. At a time when education is increasingly focused on standardized testing and core subjects, it is crucial to maintain a well-rounded curriculum that includes the arts. The addition of the Science of Photography Class at Central Middle School will contribute to a comprehensive education that nurtures the creative potential of students.

“Capturing moments through the lens of imagination, Central Middle School believes in fostering creativity and expression. With the generous provision of cameras, we will empower students to frame their unique perspectives while unlocking the infinite possibilities that lie within their artistic vision,” stated Kelly Eure, Principal of Central Middle School.

She also mentioned embracing the power of photography opens doors to a world of visual storytelling, where every click captures a story waiting to be shared.

Members of the Gates County High School Class of 1988 spoke about their motivation behind making the donation.

Tanya Majeski expressed her support for arts education, saying, “We believe that providing opportunities for students to engage in the arts is essential for their overall development. The Science of Photography class will give students a creative outlet for self-expression and a chance to explore the world through a unique lens.”

Crystal Saunders, added, “We firmly believe that arts education is a fundamental component of a well-rounded education. Providing students with the opportunity to engage in artistic expression encourages critical thinking, fosters empathy, and cultivates a sense of identity. By donating to the Science of Photography class, we hope to inspire and empower students to pursue their passion for visual arts, ultimately enriching their lives and broadening their horizons.”