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Published 5:44 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

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Welcome Back

The new school year has started up and so has the Baron Beat.

After yet another great summer filled with trips to the beach or amusement parks, we are back at our desks for the 2022-2023 school year. So far we’ve already accumulated the most writers the staff has ever seen, and we are excited to cover the awesome upcoming events for the school year.

A common theme of this year has to be new faces. There are so many new teachers all over the school this year and some returning staff members in a brand new spot. Starting with the arts department we welcome our new theater arts teacher Mr. Shafer. Mrs. Craig, formerly Ms. Hawks, has become our new librarian as Mrs. Simons retired last year. In the CTE department, after being at the school for a little over half of last school year, this will be Mrs. Rountree’s first full year teaching health sciences at GCHS. More introductions next week!

The Baron Beat Staff would like to say thank you for being a reader. Look forward to seeing more articles than ever coming out of the Baron Beat section of the Gates County Index.

By Charles Ross

Baron Beat Co-Editor

The…. FENCE!?

Recently, a brand new security fence has been put up around the entrance to the PAC and new gym parking lot. With a teacher out every morning watching for people coming through, it has forced students who would normally walk through the parking lot to go through the front office instead. This creates a major inconvenience for many students as it adds extra time to their already long walk to the new gym.

There are plans to expand the fence around the perimeter of the campus. Rest assured, however, that the outdoor areas of the school campus will remain untouched.

According to Mr. Jeremy Wright, the fence is only the first step into turning the high school into a more secure building during school hours. The main purpose of the fence is to stop any vehicle traffic from entering the end of the building, allowing the school to better monitor the vehicles that come off and on the campus in that particular location. It is also hoping to divert all foot traffic through the front office. I’m sure most, including myself, are curious to see the next safety changes to be added to the school.

By Benjamin Ross

Baron Beat Writer

Attention Seniors!

Hello seniors! It’s your last year of school but it’s not time to get lazy yet. This is the year to stay productive and make getting into college or entering the workforce as easy and painless as possible. You also still have some responsibilities to take care of here at the high school.

First things first, Wednesday the 28th is senior portrait makeup pictures. If you missed the first summer session make sure to sign up for this one. Everyone would love to see all of the seniors in this year’s yearbook.

Next up on the agenda, remember to keep checking your email. This year especially Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Brookes are looking to give the seniors as many college tours and scholarship opportunities as possible. The resources are here and ready for you to take advantage of, it’s just up to you to take the initiative.

By Alison Tatem

Baron Beat Co-Editor

It’s Showtime!

Filling the shoes of Mrs. Toti will be a tough job for our new theater arts teacher, Mr. James Shafer, but we think he’s got what it takes. Mr. Shafer shows through his teaching and his personality that he truly loves theater.

After growing up in Charlotte and receiving his education at UNC-C and before joining us at GCHS, he taught for 10 years. Mr. Shafer has said that he is more of a city person but is warming up to rural life in Gates County.

I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the productions he produces at Gates County High School. I think everyone should keep the GCHS Playmakers on their radar.

By Xavier Silvers

Baron Beat Co-Editor